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Asked Questions.

  • How is Academx different from the traditional textbook publisher?

    Academx does not sell traditional mainstream textbooks or student packages (bundles) containing multiple learning components. Academx has a sole purpose – to produce and distribute a stand-alone (independent) custom text that students will use as a primary or complimentary source for learning.

  • What are your minimum order requirements?

    We recognize that faculty teaches courses that enroll as few as twenty-five students. Academx believes that every Instructor should have the opportunity to be published regardless of their class size. We offer the same services as our larger publication runs and work with you to determine the financial feasibility of your project.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Academx issues a standard Author Agreement ensuring that the Bookstore order quantity and product specifications are accurate. The author retains the copyright for the life of the title.

  • Will I get an ISBN?

    Yes, every title we publish will have a unique ISBN assigned.

  • How do I place my order?

    Your book order form is completed including the ISBN and submitted to the Bookstore. We will follow up directly with your Bookstore to make sure the order is placed with Academx.

  • What are custom class materials?

    Custom class materials can be lecture notes/handouts, readings/anthologies, laboratory manuals, student guides, workbooks, etc. Anything other than a traditional college textbook can be considered custom and original material.

  • Is it necessary to obtain permission to re-use previously published work?

    Yes. Permissions generally take between 3-8 weeks to secure. The key is to start early to allow time to research. Copyright material can include: articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, essays (including student essays), short stories, plays, poetry, excerpts from textbooks, tables, charts, graphs, photographs and illustrations. All special requests regarding copyright acknowledgement should include: author name, title, edition, copyright date and rightsholder. A hard copy of the material to be used is needed to accompany the permission request.

  • How do royalties work?

    Royalty options are available regardless of the number of copies sold. We will work with you to determine the best program for your work. They are paid semiannually and included in the student price.

  • Will any costs to produce my custom text be charged to me or the school?

    No. All costs are included in the sale price of the text.

  • Can I get desk copies?

    Yes. Desk copies are available for each Instructor teaching the course.

  • What tools do you provide authors to help build a custom book?

    Academx provides Author Guidelines which explain how to set up the book. Step by Step instructions will be provided. You may use covers that are pre-designed which you can choose or we’ll work with you to design a custom cover.

  • What is composition?

    Composition is the overall book design including scanning, formatting and final page lay out and design. In short, it is presenting your book in a professional manner and style.

  • What "Parts" make up the manuscript?

    A manuscript is divided into three main sections: Front Matter (title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures and tables), Body (introduction, literature review, methodology, main body or chapters), and Back Matter (conclusion, references, appendices, acknowledgments). This division ensures a well-organized structure for presenting content.

  • What finished book sizes are available?

    The ‘final trim size’ can be 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9 or 8.5 x 11 or something in between. We will help you to determine the best trim size of your final text..

  • What are my binding styles and page options?

    We offer many binding styles including soft cover (perfect binding), spiral (plasticoil binding), and hard back (case binding), etc. Your pages can be 3-hole drilled, perforated (making it easy to tear out) or both. We also shrink-wrap loose text pages that will go into a binder.

  • Should I submit a printout of my manuscript with my electronic files?

    Yes. A hardcopy of your manuscript is very important as a reference to insure that no problems have been encountered, such as text reflow or missing copy.

  • Can I make changes to my manuscript after submission?

    Yes, but keep in mind there may be charges for author's alterations depending on the extent to which we must re-work previously completed steps.

  • Will I see a final proof before my text is printed?

    Yes. You will receive final ‘page proofs’ prior to printing. Your approval releases the title to production.

  • How often can I make changes to my custom text?

    You can revise your text each academic year. Your course material remains current and consistent with the curriculum.

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