Custom Cover Program

The cover of your book or manual has less than five seconds to make an impression.

Our Exploring Science, Exploring Professional, Career and General Studies, and Exploring Humanities and Social Sciences cover programs allow you to create a professionally designed cover or template that can be customized for your course.

Communication is the key to our success. Working directly with our authors means translating ideas into a design that is suitable for the market, represents the content, and graphically expresses the author’s vision. Creating a cover and choosing a final cover design that reflects the theme of your book can be exciting but also challenging for any author. With so many visual elements available, Academx simplifies the process by working with professionals who are skillful in art/ design and understand the pedagogy of college publishing.

Our cover services include

  • Use database images or your own photos on the cover
  • Choose colors to coordinate with the images
  • Select typeface and sizing of your title and school information
  • ISBN/barcode will appear on back cover
  • Print inside front and inside back at no additional charge
  • Film lamination is applied for durability
  • Academx understands that time may not always be available to design your custom cover so we have created a selection of covers that appeal to a variety of subjects/disciplines. Just tell us which cover you prefer and your color choice. We will take care of the typeface and overall sizing. View our cover selections below.

    Cover template selection

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    Cover 02

    Cover 03

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    Cover 32

    Cover 33

    Cover 34


    Impress your students by creating a unique lab or lecture manual by submitting your own experiments or choosing ones from our many educational partners.

    Humanities and Social Sciences

    Choose from thousands of images to create a unique cover or enhance your book interior for a professionally manufactured text customized to your satisfaction.