Content and Permissions

More often, instructors teaching needs are not fulfilled by a traditional text or lab manual.

Publishing with Academx may be an ideal solution for instructors and departments who wish to publish their own material but need supplemental content to complete the course requirements.

We offer the following services

  • Instructors can adapt printed materials quickly and easily with exercises and course materials authored by our college and university partners
  • Our authors are active instructors whose extensive classroom experience has made them experts in teaching as well as their fields of study
  • Whether you need one chapter/exercise or multiple course topics, our partners have given permission to edit existing material to suit your course needs
  • Combine these materials with your own original works to create a standalone text or lab manual that is specifically written for your students
  • Obtaining permission to secure copyrighted content and images—Academx will contact the copyright source for usage rights and notice of copyright.
  • Understanding Copyright

    Reproduction of copyrighted material without prior permission of the copyright owner, particularly in an educational setting, is an issue of concern for the academic community. Unfortunately, the impropriety of much unauthorized copying is often overlooked by users in an educational setting.

    Although copying all or part of a work without obtaining permission may appear to be an easy and convenient solution to an immediate problem, such unauthorized copying can frequently violate the rights of the author or publisher of the copyrighted work, and be directly contrary to the academic mission to teach respect for ideas and for the intellectual property that expresses those ideas.

    Without understanding the copyright law, including elements such as the doctrine of "fair use" and its application and limitations in the educational setting, faculty members, copy centers, college stores, universities and colleges themselves, and others will be at risk for engaging in illegal copying.

    Read more about Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians by the United States Copyright Department here.


    Impress your students by creating a unique lab or lecture manual by submitting your own experiments or choosing ones from our many educational partners.

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    Choose from thousands of images to create a unique cover or enhance your book interior for a professionally manufactured text customized to your satisfaction.