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The demand for custom educational course materials like textbooks, laboratory manuals, and lecture guides is on the rise across academic courses. Academx Publishing Services meets this need by offering departments and faculty the resources to professionally publish their personally authored works, tailored for their courses, and at a more affordable cost to students. Not only does this benefit students, but it also provides a royalty for the author or department. Academx enhances the teaching and learning experience by providing books specifically designed for each course, featuring customized content, flexible print quantities, professional design and printing, and the option for updates each semester. Your custom book is crafted to align seamlessly with your teaching style, fostering maximum effectiveness between in-class lectures and outside reading/assignments.

The Bookstore and Sales

Your course materials, curated with Academx, will be available for purchase through the bookstore. After collaborating on the content, simply include “your book” in your order requirements to the bookstore. Academx ensures a seamless process, working with the bookstore to ensure your books are ready on the shelves at the start of each semester. Our products are bookstore-friendly, eliminating bundling and extraneous pieces, making inventory management easy. As the creator of the course materials, you and your department will receive a royalty from Academx. Our royalty structure is flexible and tailored to meet your needs and departmental requirements.

Advantages of partnering with our company include:

  • No annual contract

  • Produce as few as 25 copies

  • Revise each semester

  • Publish only the content and labs you teach in the order they are  assigned

  • Free desk copies for faculty and TA’s

  • Secure permission to use copyrighted material

  • Create a custom cover using our custom cover program
  • Unique ISBN assignment

  • Complete publishing process—editing, design, printing, and distribution

  • Royalty for you or your department

  • Deliver on time and at a savings to students

  • STEPS for creating your book or manual—guidelines and checklist to simplify the publishing process and prepare your manuscript for press



Frequently Asked Questions