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There is a growing demand for publishing custom textbooks, laboratory manuals and lecture manuals in most academic courses today.

Academx Publishing Services provides the resources for departments and faculty to professionally publish the works they have personally authored that are tailored for their courses all at a lower cost to your students and a royalty for you or your department. Academx improves the teaching and learning experience with books designed specifically for your course using customized content, printing low quantities with professional design and printing, and that can be updated each semester if necessary. Your custom book will be focused on the way you teach allowing for maximized effectiveness between the in-class lecture and outside reading/assignments.

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Our services bring it all together by asking the right questions that enhance content and produce quality results.


Impress your students by creating a unique lab or lecture manual by submitting your own experiments or choosing ones from our many educational partners.

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Choose from thousands of images to create a unique cover or enhance your book interior for a professionally manufactured text customized to your satisfaction.