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Expert design and editorial support ensure credible, student-friendly content. Covering a multitude of different facets to insure your success.

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We tailor course content with partner permission, ensuring usage rights while upholding intellectual property principles within the educational landscape.

Custom Cover Programs

In under five seconds, your book cover must captivate. Direct author collaboration ensures a design that captures content, vision, and market suitability

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Digital printing guarantees swift and high-quality production, providing diverse options and reliable services tailored for our valued bookstore partners.

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Optimizing Science Education: Printed Lab Manuals & Online Tools

Where Print Enhances Learning

Printed faculty authored laboratory manuals are effective, reliable, affordable and focused educational resources that improve the teaching and learning experience. Science is “doing”, a performance based approach through experimentation and observation (the Scientific Method) to develop reliable forms of knowledge. The combination and benefits of printed laboratory manuals (print media) and online learning tools (digital media) are designed to complement and enhance student performance.


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Our services bring it all together by asking the right questions that enhance content and produce quality results


Writing a lab manual offers science professors personalized curriculum control, showcasing their expertise, fostering student engagement, contributing to academia, and promoting professional development and recognition.

Humanities and Social Studies

Social studies professors can shape a curriculum that reflects their unique perspective, engage students in meaningful ways, and contribute significantly to the academic community.

Professional, Career, General Studies

Developing course materials enables general studies professors to enhance student performance through tailored curriculum, individualized perspectives, and interactive learning. It also serves as a powerful tool for academic outreach, contributing to student success and fostering engagement beyond the classroom.

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